Staff Biographies

Allen Kane

Director, National Postal Museum

July 1, 2016

Allen Kane is the director of the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. Under his leadership, the museum has experienced greater visibility, interactivity and outreach to hundreds of thousands of new visitors. Access to collections has been dramatically increased. The quality and depth of exhibitions has been enriched. Education programs now include standards-based curriculum guides, supplemental classroom resources and 21st-century teacher training. The opening of the museum’s William H. Gross Stamp Gallery—the largest stamp gallery in the world—is a capstone to the museum’s transformation.

Kane retired from the U.S. Postal Service in September 2001 after serving more than 30 years in a variety of senior leadership positions devoted to strategic and policy planning, operations, marketing and logistics. His last position at the Postal Service was senior vice president for future business design.

As a corporate officer for the Postal Service, Kane helped direct the 25th largest business in the world, with 840,000 employees and $67 billion in revenues. He was responsible for a number of critical operations, including coordination of the implementation of thousands of pieces of high-speed automated processing equipment, redesign of national distribution and transportation networks, phase-in of the John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport facilities and managing the USPS Gulf War Crisis Team, in coordination with the White House and the Department of Defense, to ensure the successful delivery of 2.5 million pounds of mail per day to the Gulf.

Kane received his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College in New York in 1967 and his master’s degree in business administration from Baruch Business School in New York City in 1970. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University in the early 1980s.

Kane lives in Rockville, Md., with his wife, Sylvia. They have two grown sons and four grandchildren.

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Allen Kane, Director, National Postal Museum

Allen Kane became director of the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum Feb. 19, 2002.

Photo Credit: Ken Rahaim, Smithsonian Institution