Staff Biographies

Michelle Delaney

Director, Consortia for the Humanities

August 1, 2011

Michelle Delaney is director for the Smithsonian’s consortia for humanities. Delaney and a committee consider proposals for innovative research, exhibitions and programs from around the Smithsonian to determine which ones will receive funding. Delaney also serves as senior program officer for history, art and culture, working with senior staff and directors to develop and implement the Smithsonian’s strategic plans. Her office reports directly to the Under Secretary for History, Art, and Culture.

Before she was named consortia director in summer 2010, Delaney was curator in photographic history at the National Museum of American History. Her research interests focus on American visual culture, early Daguerreian-era photography, art photography and pictorialism, Eadweard Muybridge’s locomotion studies, contemporary photojournalism and Washington, D.C., photography. 

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Michelle Delaney, Director, Consortium for Understanding the American Experience

Photo: Amanda Lucidon for Smithsonian

Michelle Delaney is director of the Consortium for Understanding the American Experience, one of the four grand challenges of the Smithsonian’s strategic plan.