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Freelon Adjaye Bond/SmithGroup Design - NMAAHC


Freelon Adjaye Bond/SmithGroup Design - NMAAHC


NMAAHC: Architectural Model

Lincoln watch

George Thomas and the Lincoln Watch

Abraham Lincoln's watch

Lincoln's Watch

Douglas Stiles and Lincoln watch

Douglas Stiles

Bone found at James Fort

Partial Occipital Bone

Ruth Mitchell at Brick Chapel

17th-century grave inside Brick Chapel

Douglas Owsley at Jamestown

Double Burial

Ruth Mitchel

Excavation of a 17th-century grave

Artist's rendering of Leavy Neck boy

Reconstruction of Leavy Neck boy

interior view of gunshot wound

Modern forensic case

Ruth Mitchell at Brick Chapel

Brick Chapel, St. Mary's City

Reconstruction of young African woman

Reconstruction of a young African woman


Colonial Skull

female skeleton

African female skeleton from Harleigh Knoll site

Karin Bruwelheide with skull

Measuring a skull

Boy's skeleton

European male, age 14 to 15

Double burials

James Fort Double Burials

Hip replacement

Right femoral head replacement


First Lady Laura Bush


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