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Red gown

Laura Bush's Inaugural Gown, 2001

inaugural gown

Hillary Clinton's Inaugural Gown, 1993

inaugural gown

Barbara Bush's Inaugural Gown, 1989

Inaugural gown

Nancy Reagan's Inaugural Gown (back), 1981

inaugural gown

Rosalynn Carter's Inaugural Gown, 1977

inaugural gown

Betty Ford's Inaugural Gown, 1975

inaugural gown

Pat Nixon's Inaugural Gown, 1969

inaugural gown

Lady Bird Johnson's Inaugural Coat, 1965

inaugural gown

Jacqueline Kennedy's Inaugural Gown, 1961

inaugural gown

Mamie Eisenhower's Inaugural Gown, 1953


Mei Xiang


Pony Express mochila


Comic book depicting the Pony Express


Le Poney Express


From San Francisco to New York


Pony Express Riders


Pony Express stamp


Doll, inuguaq (“small wooden doll”)


Hooker Emerald Brooch


Marie Antoinette Earrings


Spanish Inquisition Necklace


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