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postcard with portrait pf Pershing

WWI Centennial

Red Cross postcard of soldiers

WWI Centennial

Nurse writing a letter for wounded soldier

WWI Centennial

Handwritten letter

WWI Centennial

Letter with X mark

WWI Centennial

Photo of exhibit gallery wall

WWI Centennial: Gallery

Photo of exhibition gallery

WWI Centennial: Gallery

drawing of WWI plane

Artist Soldiers: Forced landing

Sketch of plane over village

Artist Soldiers: Valley of the Marne

Sketch of WWI AIrcraft

Artist Soldiers: The Alert Nieuports

painting of downed plane narrowly missing a blimp

Artist Soldiers: Double Escape

Charcoal drawing of one soldier carrying another

Artist Soldiers: Wounded Ally

painting of soldiers crossing a field

Artist Soldiers: On the Wire

drawing of planes in hangar

Artist Soldiers: Lame Ducks

Sketch of hangar and open field

Artist Soldiers: The Flying FIeld

Painting of sentry in foxhole

Artist Soldiers: The Sentry

sketch of soldiers scrambling in trench

Artist Soldiers: Gas Alert

Portrait of Stebich

Stephanie Stebich

Green frog on leaf

Glassfrogs: Cochranella granulosa

Green frog with eggs on leaf

Glassfrogs: Cochranella euknemos

pair of green frogs on tree branch

Glassfrogs: Cochranella resplendens amplexus


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