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composite of three photos showing researchers in the field

Ant Agriculture

Ted Schultz in the field

Ant Agriculture

Preprinted postcard

WWI Centennial

postcard with portrait pf Pershing

WWI Centennial

Red Cross postcard of soldiers

WWI Centennial

Nurse writing a letter for wounded soldier

WWI Centennial

Handwritten letter

WWI Centennial

Letter with X mark

WWI Centennial

Photo of exhibit gallery wall

WWI Centennial: Gallery

Photo of exhibition gallery

WWI Centennial: Gallery

drawing of WWI plane

Artist Soldiers: Forced landing

Sketch of plane over village

Artist Soldiers: Valley of the Marne

Sketch of WWI AIrcraft

Artist Soldiers: The Alert Nieuports

painting of downed plane narrowly missing a blimp

Artist Soldiers: Double Escape

Charcoal drawing of one soldier carrying another

Artist Soldiers: Wounded Ally

painting of soldiers crossing a field

Artist Soldiers: On the Wire

drawing of planes in hangar

Artist Soldiers: Lame Ducks

Sketch of hangar and open field

Artist Soldiers: The Flying FIeld

Painting of sentry in foxhole

Artist Soldiers: The Sentry

sketch of soldiers scrambling in trench

Artist Soldiers: Gas Alert

Portrait of Stebich

Stephanie Stebich


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