Refer to the frequently asked questions listed below for information on contacting the Smithsonian's museums or centers and for information about filming requests.

I'm a journalist on deadline and need an expert to answer some questions. How can I get in touch with a member of the Smithsonian staff?

Journalists on deadline should call a museum or unit's press office to arrange an interview with a Smithsonian staff member. If you are not sure what museum you need to speak with, call the central Office of Public Affairs at (202) 633-2400.

I need a picture of the Smithsonian to illustrate a story I am writing. Where can I find images of the Smithsonian and what are the guidelines for using them?

Images of the Smithsonian and photos of various exhibits and objects that are available for media use only can be found in the Photos section of Newsdesk. If a photo is for commercial use, such as a book or film, please contact the museum or unit's press office or the central Office of Public Affairs at pressinfo@si.edu or (202) 633-2400.

I am interested in filming at the Smithsonian. Where can I find out more about the process of getting permission to do so?

Filmmakers interested in shooting at the Smithsonian can find more information about the process here. The application can be filled out and submitted online.

I would like to talk to someone about advertising. Who should I contact?

The Smithsonian does not have a central marketing department. Each unit handles its own advertising. Contact the press office at each museum for more information about advertising.

I am not a journalist, but I need some information about the Smithsonian in order to plan my upcoming trip. Where should I go?

For information about visiting the Smithsonian, visit our Web site or call our visitor office at (202) 633-1000.