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Infinity of Nations

January 19, 2010

A spectacular, permanent exhibition of 700 works of Native art from throughout North, Central and South America will open Saturday, Oct. 23, at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in New York, the George Gustav Heye Center. Organized by geographic regions, "Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian" will demonstrate the breadthof the museum’s renowned collection and highlight the historic importance of many of these iconic objects. Read about the exhibition here.

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Infinity of Nations: Assiniboine headdress

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Assiniboine antelope-horn headdress
Saskatchewan, Canada
ca. 1850
Antelope horn, deer hide, porcupine quills, feathers, horsehair red wool, brass bells, glass beads


Infinity of Nations: Garters

Photo: Walter Larrimore

Garters associated with Osceola (Seminole, 1804–1838)
ca. 1835
Wool yarn, glass beads

Infinity of Nations: Hopi Manta

Photo: Katherine Fogden

Hopi manta
Waalpi, Arizona
ca. 1900–1910
Cotton, wool, dye

Infinity of Nations: Kwakwaka'wakw mechanical mask

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Kwakwaka'wakw mechanical mask
Cape Mudge, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
ca. 1900
Wood, paint, fur, cordage


Infinity of Nations: Lambayeque gold discs

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Lambayeque gold discs
Chan Chan, Peru
A. D. 750–1375
Gold alloy


Infinity of Nations: Maya Portrait Head

Photo: Walter Larrimore

Maya portrait head
Uxmal, Mexico
A.D. 300–900
Stucco, paint


Infinity of Nations: Mebêngôkre Krokrokti

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Mebêngôkre krokrokti (feather headdress or cape)
ca. 1990
Macaw feathers, heron feathers, cotton cordage

Infinity of Nations: Peace Medal

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Peace medal
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Copper alloy

Infinity of Nations: Tecumseh Pipe

Photo: R.A.Whiteside

Detail of Pipe tomahawk presented to Chief Tecumseh (Shawnee, 1768–1813)
ca. 1812
Wood, iron, lead

Infinity of Nations: Yup'ik Mask

Photo: Ernest Amoroso

Yup'ik mask
Good News Bay, Alaska
ca. 1910
Driftwood, baleen, feathers, paint, cotton twine

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