Smithsonian Snapshots

A peek into the Smithsonian's collections, one object at a time.

Dolores Huerta by Barbara Carrasco. Silkscreen 1999. National Portrait Gallery,
photograph of snowflake crystal
Photo of three kings stauettes
Cantos de Las Posadas album cover
Poster advertising play "Okay, Bye"
Green silk costume from musical "Hamilton"
Black and white photo of two owls
Animate drawings of pumpkins
Sketch of building on Plaza Hotel stationery
Mummified cat sarcophagus
image showing mouth with vampire teeth
Singer Selena with bottle of Coke
drawing of narwhals
Folk art sculpture of dog with wings
old snapshot of Cantinflas with colleagues
Painting of dancers
Pencil drawing of one soldier carrying another
Pop art poster for The Who