Smithsonian Associates

Smithsonian Associates—the largest museum-based education program in the world—produces vibrant educational and cultural programming inspired by the Smithsonian’s research, collections and exhibitions. Each year more than 750 individual programs are presented to spark creativity and excite learning in people of all ages in the Washington, D.C., area and across the country.

Smithsonian Libraries

The Smithsonian Libraries enjoys a unique and dual role within the Institution itself. On one hand, the Libraries is an internal service provider, meeting the needs of the Institution’s curators and researchers.

Smithsonian Latino Center

Commemorating its 20th anniversary, the Smithsonian Latino Center ensures that the presence of the Latino community is celebrated in the Smithsonian museums. Its anniversary tagline is “Making History Together” (Juntos haciendo historia), and the center achieves its mission through its focus on people, programs and places. 

Smithsonian Affiliations

Smithsonian Affiliations establishes long-term partnerships with museums, education, and cultural organizations to facilitate the loan of Smithsonian artifacts and traveling exhibitions, as well as to develop innovative educational collaborations locally and nationally.